Our Natural Multi-Target Approach

Alzheimer’s and many age-related neurodegenerative diseases are caused by a combination of multiple risk factors over time that include genetic, environmental, lifestyle and health factors.

The underlying cause of Alzheimer's is primarily due to loss of significantly number of nerve cells or neurons. You may hear or read that sleep disorder increases risk of Alzheimer’s. Covid-19 caused memory problems increase risk for Alzheimer’s. Recently, a study at Duke University found air pollution significantly increases risk of Alzheimer’s. The various risk factors can individually or collectively induce inflammation, oxidative stress, and a series of toxic responses in the brain that lead to damages and deaths of neurons.

To address these multifactorial root causes, we’ve developed the best natural solution through combining the most up-to-date clinical and preclinical discoveries of new and potent dietary ingredients with the ancient wisdom of herbal medicines.

This natural, dietary and multi-target solution acts synergistically and simultaneously to help:
1.       Improve memory and cognitive functions,

2.       Boost growth of fresh brain cells/hippocampal neurogenesis,

3.       Protect neurons against Aβ, toxins, stresses, etc.

4.       Reduce health risk factors (CVD, diabetes, stroke, etc.)

The loss of neurons and negative changes in the brain start many years before a diagnosis. Prevention is the best medicine. Taking action early is not only of the utmost importance but also a necessity. It is never too late to start. Order now and experience a better life.

Among many of the plants and their active constituents that have been extensively studied in recent years, we identified crocin, the most important active constituent of saffron, as the best natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent with multi-target effects.

Saffron, the dry stigmas of Crocus sativus flowers, has been used as a spice and folk medicine since ancient times. Dozens of clinical and hundreds of preclinical studies in recent years revealed crocin/saffron having significant effects to improve conditions in patients with Alzheimer’s, mild cognitive impairments, vascular dementia, age-related macular degenerative (AMD), stroke, depression, multiple sclerosis, and a few other diseases.

By combining our Crocin Rich®, the only FDA approved high purity crocin New Dietary Ingredient, with other potent antioxidants, we have developed and manufactured our patented natural supplements in New Jersey, USA under GMP. Through their multi-target, synergistic and powerful actions, these special natural supplements help improve quality of life by strengthening and maintaining healthy memory, mental acuity, eye function, mood, sleep quality and overall health.

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