Here's our story

Our Philosophy

We believe in Mother Nature offers the best solutions for humans, be it as the basis for drugs that cure diseases, or supplements that support and maintain good health. Many of today’s unmet and age-related health conditions are caused by a combination of multiple factors. Unique dietary supplements or natural products developed from a synergistic and multi-target approach combined with ancient wisdom of natural healing and modern clinical research could offer a safe and effective alternative to support quality of life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide nature’s best, safe and effective dietary solutions for health-conscious consumers actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Our Scientists Team

Saffron Health Sciences' products are developed by a team of highly trained scientists with advanced degrees in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical biochemistry, phytochemistry, traditional Chinese medicine, and food science. Collectively, these scientists have many years’ experience working with the largest international pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food companies in Asian and North American developing both natural and synthetic health ingredients and products.

The Founder’s Story

“Alzheimer’s disease or dementia is just a term heard by most people. We usually do not think about it or take Alzheimer’s seriously unless it happens to one of our loved ones. I was one of those people. Alzheimer’s took away my mother 7 years ago. It was so painful and devastating to see what my mother went through. In her 80s, she forgot recent events, became suspicious of getting harmed, did not recognize people she knew, went out to meet imagined friends, hallucinated situations, lost self-control, and declined physically. Only after her passing did I realize it was Alzheimer’s. Feeling the deep loss and partial guilt about her passing, I have committed to find a natural solution to address this unmet health condition. After past years of research and development, I now firmly believe that a natural, synergistic and multi-target approach is the best alternative for healthy living. It is particularly rewarding to see the effects of our patented product benefitting myself and our customers.”