Here's our story

Our Philosophy

We believe that Mother Nature offers the best solutions for humans, nature has served to offer the best bases for drugs that cure diseases, or supplements that support and maintain health. Discovery of safe and potent natural ingredients is the key to a flourishing lifestyle.

Many of today’s age-related health conditions are caused by a combination of multiple risk factors over time. Early preventive measures including dietary intervention, exercise, etc. can help reduce risks and onset of disease. 

Dietary supplements formulated with clinically proven effective doses of new, safe, and potent dietary ingredients can be one of the best ways to support health and quality of life.

Combining the most update clinical and preclinical research with ancient wisdom of herbal/spice healing, we develop and provide unique dietary supplements to maximize bioavailability, synergy and multi-target effects of the newest and most potent dietary ingredients for visual, cognitive, mood, overall health, and quality living.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide nature’s best, safest and most effective dietary solutions for health-conscious consumers to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our Scientists Team

Saffron Health Sciences' products are developed by a team of highly trained scientists with advanced degrees in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical biochemistry, phytochemistry, traditional Chinese medicine, and food science. Collectively, these scientists have many years’ experiences working with the largest international pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food companies in Asia and North America developing both natural and synthetic health ingredients and products.

The Founder’s Story

To me, aging with good memory, eyesight, and cognitive health is an important issue. My mother passed with Alzheimer’s disease and I witnessed what she went through.

In August 2013, my mother passed away with Alzheimer’s disease at age 83. I was devastated. For a few years before her passing my mother began forgetting things and recent events. She often brought up old stories and became paranoid of getting harmed and stolen from by family members. She could not recognize people she knew, frequently tried to go out to meet friends she imagined waiting for her, hallucinated various situations, talked loudly without stopping, lost self-control, and declined physically. I accompanied during her hospitalization in a mental unit in 2012. Treatment with memantine and other available medications were only able to improve her cognitive symptoms for a short period of time. When she felt mentally better, she stopped taking the medication because of its serious side effects. Shortly after that, her situation turned worse. In her final days, I rushed back and stayed by her bedside. Although her eyes were able to track me around the room, regrettably she was already unable to say anything, and I did not hear any final words from her. I was absolutely heartbroken.

Even though I am a highly educated scientist, at the time I did not realize my mother’s subsequent passing was due to Alzheimer’s disease. The doctors did not mention her diagnosis to me. Like many people, I thought that it was simply natural for one to forget things when they get old. I now fully understand why most people have no real sense about the true and various symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Although I was presented with all the characteristic symptoms, I easily dismissed it as the consequences of growing old rather than the effects of a more malicious disease.

Feeling this deep loss and realizing there is no cure or effective preventative treatment afterward, I committed myself to finding its causes and a possible solution to help reduce the risk of this devastating health condition. I attended Alzheimer’s disease patient care support group meetings, met and discussed with doctors at different Alzheimer’s disease clinical research centers, studied possible causes and mechanisms. I learned from my research that Alzheimer’s and many other age-related neurodegenerative diseases are caused by a combination of risk factors over time, factors are from ones' genetics, health conditions, lifestyle and living environment.

Currently available drugs and treatments for these diseases only target single risk factors have only minor temporary, and palliative benefits. They are also not disease-modifying and ineffective in treatment. Thus, I began looking for natural ways to try and solve these issues as I believe Mother Nature always offers the best solutions for our health.

Through years of searching, research and identification of the best natural active ingredient, I’ve developed and standardized our key ingredient, Crocin Rich®, got it approved by the FDA as a new dietary ingredient (NDI). 

Crocin Rich®, a high purity natural crocin ingredient, is absolutely the best and most wonderful dietary ingredient. Crocin is found as the main active constituent primarily responsible for the various health beneficial effects of saffron. 

In recent years, over one hundred clinical studies with saffron and more recently dozens of human clinical studies with crocin on various health conditions have demonstrated that crocin provides significant and beneficial effects in boosting memory, cognitive health, eye health, visual acuity, mood, sleep quality, heart health, joint health, and quality of life. 

With Crocin Rich®, I developed and patented crocin based natural dietary compositions to boost health and fight multiple risk factors as we age. I see this natural, synergistic and multi-target approach as the best intervention to support memory, cognitive health, eye health, and healthy aging.

As our memory, thought, language, and other cognitive functions are results of bioelectric waves passing through billions of nerve cells - also known as neurons, in our brain. If neurons die, they largely lose forever. Up to now, scientists found regrowth of new neurons only happens at two small areas, hippocampus and subventricular zone, in adult human brains. These two small areas account no more than 3% of the whole brain.

As we age, many internal and external factors can damage and cause death of neurons as well as interfere the regrowth of neurons in the brains. Abnormal and extensive loss of these neurons will lead to problems of memory, learning, focus, and other age-related issues. Dietary supplement intervention with new and potent natural compositions/antioxidants along with exercise and good lifestyle can help protect neurons and maintain their vitality. Early action is absolutely vital to a healthy quality of life. So, take action now!

My patented supplements are developed from the latest clinical and preclinical research findings of the nature's finest ingredients. They are formulated with amount of crocin supported by published and documented clinical studies. These amazing products are for myself and those who believe in natural science and holistic health. It has been particularly rewarding to experience and see the many beneficial health effects on myself and our customers. I hope to see a healthier aging population who can enjoy longer and happier lives with their family members and loved ones.