CROCIN RICH plus --- NEW Supplement for Memory and Cognitive Health

This US patented natural formula helps improve cognitive health and quality of life by strengthening and maintaining focus, memory/cognition, mood, sleep quality and brain functions*.
  • Naturally purified crocin, Crocin Rich®, plus six other potent natural antioxidants, neuroprotectants, immune-boosters and adaptogens provide multi-target, synergistic, and optimal health effects*.
  • Clinical and pre-clinical studies on the effectiveness of our ingredients provide proven benefits for memory, cognition, mood, visual functions, sleep quality and quality of life1-14*.
  • Each coated tablet provides clinically effective amount of crocin equivalent to 300 mg of top-grade saffron*.

Cognitive Health Concerns Millions of Americans

According to the National Institute of Aging (NIA), millions of adult Americans live with memory and cognitive issues. The number that suffers from issues with memory and cognitive functions is continuously increasing as time goes by.

The accelerating decline of memory and cognitive functions among older adults is abnormal and linked to not one, but many risk factors from one’s genetics, lifestyle, health, and living environment, making it very difficult problem to address. A natural, synergistic and multi-target formulation is the best solution to help boost and maintain healthy memory, cognitive functions and quality of life. 

What are the Causes Leading to Declines in Memory and Cognition?

Memory and cognitive functions are formed by neurons and its network in the brain. However, neurons in human brains are largely irreplaceable. When most neurons die, they do not regenerate, causing memory and cognitive impairments. Scientists have confirmed that neuron regeneration, or neurogenesis, can only happen in two small brain areas, the hippocampus and the subventricular zone, which account for no more than 3% of the brain.

Scientists have found that various risk factors including toxins, heavy metal, dust, smoking, stress, virus, bacteria, drugs, depression, sleep deprivation, mouth hygiene, unhealthy diets, imbalanced hormones, heart conditions, etc. can directly or indirectly cause neuron death, interfere with the growth of hippocampal neurons, and disrupt neuronal network. As you age, you are exposed to various risk factors leading to a significant loss of neurons and neuronal connections. This results in the deterioration of memory and cognitive functions and eventually more serious brain problems.

The hippocampus is a very important structure for memory formation, learning, and many other cognitive functions. Unfortunately, it is also the first and most severely affected brain structure from neural disorders. Our revolutionary supplement helps protect and vitalize neurons as well as assist in allowing the hippocampus to retain its amazing ability to continually develop new neurons to ensure your mental health*. 

Clinical and Preclinical Evidence 

Crocin (Crocin Rich®)

Crocin is the most important and responsible constituent for the many health effects of saffron. It is the only water-soluble carotenoid in nature. In recent years Crocin has been extensively studied due to a renewed interest in the health effects of saffron. Mounting evidence has shown that crocin is the best natural ingredient for better memory, cognitive health and overall health.   

Eight (8) human studies with about 600 subjects reported in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals that saffron alone or saffron with other natural ingredients improves memory and cognitive functions.

Twelve (12) human studies since 2015 were published on crocin improving mood, sleep quality, oxidative stress, and enhancing healthy eye, brain heart and quality of life.

A few hundred preclinical studies in recent years have revealed that crocin, as a potent antioxidant, neuroprotectant, and multi-active ingredient, effectively 1) improves memory, cognition and brain functions*; 2) protects neuron against internal and external toxins and risk factors*; 3) boosts health brain cell vitality and antioxidant power*; 4) enhances adult hippocampal neurogenesis*; 5) tightens blood brain barrier and cleanses toxic proteins from inside the brain*.

Additionally, the six other active ingredients in the formulation of CROCIN RICH plus including curcumin, grape seed extract, green tea extract, Rhodiola rosea extract, etc. are known potent natural antioxidants, neuroprotectants, immune-boosters and adaptogens. Together, they create the optimal formulation for a highly effective and multitarget approach for maintaining your best state of mental health.

  • Curcumin - Serves to modulate mood and improve memory and attention with antioxidant and neuroprotective effects15.
  • Grape seed extract - With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, also known to support attention and other health benefits.
  • Green tea extract - Effective in reducing oxidative stress, enhancing learning and cognition. Can also help maintain healthy blood cholesterol, LDL and triglyceride levels.
  • Rhodiola rosea extract - Boosts immune support and defense. Additionally helps lessen mental and physical stress as well as promote endurance.
  • Panex ginseng extract - Versatile adaptogen. Benefits mental function, energy levels and mood, as well as promote feelings of calm. Helps the immune system and fight fatigue.
  • Piperine (BioPerine®) - An enhancer for promoting nutrient absorption and supporting synergistic actions of other formulated ingredients. Also an active ingredient for mood and cognition.

CROCIN RICH plus: The Best Way to Power Healthy Memory and Cognitive Functions.

CROCIN RICH plus is a US patented formulation developed with strong scientific and clinical evidence. It is created with the only FDA acknowledged crocin new dietary ingredient, Crocin Rich®, with six other potent antioxidants, neuroprotectants, immune-boosters and adaptogens. Through their multilayered synergistic actions and mechanisms, this special product helps boost cognitive functions, enhance neuron vitality and adult hippocampal neurogenesis, protect neurons against internal and external risk factors, improve mood, sleep quality and overall health*.

Backed by science, CROCIN RICH plus is a one-of-a kind product to support your overall health. An amazing combination of nature’s finest ingredients and Saffron Health Sciences’ expertise will serve to best support your healthy quality of life and sustain happy times with your family and loved ones.


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