Crocin Improves Sleep Quality, General Health, and Happiness in Elderly Population – Clinical Study Found

According to recent clinical findings from a study published in January, 20231, crocin supplementation can significantly improve sleep quality, well-being, and happiness in the elderly population.

Crocin is the most important active constituent found in saffron and a unique water-soluble carotenoid with potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective properties. Research has revealed that crocin is primarily responsible for the various beneficial health effects of saffron. Crocin only exists saffron and a few limited plant sources, but not in common foods, fruits or vegetables.

This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial was conducted to evaluate a 4-week intervention with crocin. Accompanied with a 4-week follow-up among the participants (>65 age), scientists found that consumption of crocin (30mg/day) by elderly individuals had significant improvements on all the three assessed areas: sleep quality, general health, and happiness in the subsequent evaluations.

A similar clinical study published in 2021 found supplementation with 150mg pure saffron and resistance training also resulted in improved mood and happiness levels in untrained young males2.

Additionally, crocin can be transformed into crocetin inside the human body. Two earlier human studies carried out in Japan found that crocetin improved sleep quality among healthy adults with mild sleep complaints3,4. Scientists in Japan have also found that daily supplementation of crocetin alleviates physical fatigue in human subjects5.

Furthermore, clinical studies since 2015 have shown that crocin improves mood and quality of life6-11.

Currently, Crocin Rich® is the only high purity natural crocin/crocetin ingredient that is the FDA reviewed and issued No Objection as a new dietary ingredient (NDI) in the United States. Supplements with Crocin Rich® can provide quantified and consistent amounts of crocin for potency and effectiveness.


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