Prevention is the best medicine for Alzheimer’s disease, a natural multi-target and synergistic approach helps

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disease caused by a combination of multiple risk factors over time, which means many factors are likely to affect its onset. Studies have linked Alzheimer’s disease to various lifestyle, environmental and health factors that include, unhealthy diets, chronic stress, bacteria in the mouth, virus, drugs, toxins, diabetes, heart disease, depression, sleep disorders, etc. Being infected by the COVID-19 virus is also believed to increase the chances of developing Alzheimer’s. These different risk factors contribute to the loss of brain cells (neurons) and changes of the brain that result in Alzheimer’s disease. The loss of brain cells and brain alteration starts 10-20 years before a diagnosis, thus early intervention to prevent, stop, or reverse the course of this devastating disease is a critical and necessary goal.

On June 7, 2021 the FDA approved Biogen Inc's Aducanumab as the first monoclonal antibody treatment targeting a “toxic” peptide known as beta-amyloid as a likely cause of Alzheimer's disease. This is in spite of a rejection by FDA’s outside expert panel and controversy of whether the clinical evidence proves the drug works. The efficacy of aducanumab is still in serious doubt because its two Phase 3 studies, called ENGAGE and EMERGE, with about 1,600 patients of early stage Alzheimer’s were halted in 2019 for lacking of clear indications of slowing cognitive decline, the primary endpoint of the trials. There are also concerns about its side effects, including swelling and inflammation of the brain, or delusions and confusion, among about 40% participants in the Phase 3 studies. Trying to mend the controversial approval, FDA required a post approval clinical study. The bottom line is that memory and cognitive functions are results of the activities of neurons and through the neural network in the brain, but many internal and external toxic factors can damage neurons and neural network, which is why many experts and doctors are not convinced that targeting beta-amyloid alone will slow the cognitive decline of a patient. Drug development for Alzheimer’s disease has been focusing on single biomarkers such as beta-amyloid and tau protein for decades. The few prior approved medications for Alzheimer’s disease only improve symptoms of a patient temporarily, not actually slowing the disease itself. Adopting multiple drugs or drug-cocktails for treatment also faces huge challenges. Due to the multifactorial nature and long development time, it is unrealistic to find a single “silver bullet” to cure Alzheimer’s disease. 

A promising alternative exists though, a natural multi-target and synergistic approach is here for you to start preventing Alzheimer’s now. This is an approach that no one in the pharmaceutical industry wants to discuss because they focus on single-target approach in drug development.

This new approach is available due to recent discoveries in natural product research. Some plants and its constituents have been shown to have potential in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s. New and potent constituents discovered in spices or dietary plant sources offer many advantages. They have a good safety profile and can be harmoniously formulated into multi-ingredient compositions to address the multifactorial causes of Alzheimer’s. With sufficient new and potent dietary ingredients, this approach really embodies what Hippocrates rightly said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.”

Crocin, the main constituent of saffron primarily responsible for the spice’s beneficial health effects, is one of the most powerful natural actives and has multi-target effects. Crocin is the only water-soluble type of carotenoid in nature, setting it apart from the other types of carotenoids that are oil-soluble and present in fruits and vegetables. On top of the fact that saffron has been the most expensive spice and used as folk medicine for healing various conditions including mental health since ancient times, eight (8) human studies with about 600 patients reported from Iran, Italy, Greece, and Australia in recent years found saffron alone or saffron with other natural ingredients could improve memory and cognitive impairments in patients with mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, and vascular dementia. Since 2015, at least 12 human studies with 601 patients have demonstrated the potency of crocin in effectively reducing Alzheimer’s associated health risk factors that include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, stroke, sleep disorder, etc. More importantly, a few hundred preclinical studies have provided strong scientific support that crocin works as a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and multi-target agent to:

  •       bring down levels of amyloid peptide and hyperphosphorylated tau protein;
  •       boost memory, cognition and brain functions;
  •       protect brain cells (neurons) from injury and death against both internal and external risk factors or toxins;
  •       tighten blood-brain barrier and help maintain its integrity; and
  •       enhance growth of fresh brain cells.

Likely the best natural ingredient, crocin fights the root causes of Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally a few other natural ingredients from dietary sources have also been discovered to have beneficial effects for preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, natural dietary compositions combining crocin and other natural active ingredients can be specially formulated to provide synergy and multi-target effects.

The Saffron Health Sciences Approach

This natural and multi-target approach is manifested by a US patented supplement composition, CROCIN RICH plus. Supported with solid clinical and preclinical findings, this special supplement combined the only FDA approved >75% pure natural crocin New Dietary Ingredient (NDI), Crocin Rich®, with six other natural actives and powerful antioxidants in sufficient amount to synergistically act on the multiple risk factors associated with Alzheimer’s and some other age-related neurodegenerative diseases. Since its debut, this affordable product has gained large and growing number of users with amazing responses. CROCIN RICH plus helps improve quality of life by strengthening and maintaining memory/cognition, mood, eye, and brain functions. So, you can have healthier life and happier time with your loved ones.


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